Tractor Operator

Drive gasoline or diesel powered tractors to move materials.

What does a Tractor Operator do?

Drives gasoline or diesel powered tractor to move materials, draw farm implements, tow trailers, pull out objects embedded in ground, or pull cable of winch to raise, lower, or load heavy material or equipment: Fastens attachments, such as graders, plows, and rollers, to tractor with hitchpins. Releases brake, shifts gears, and depresses accelerator or moves throttle to control forward and backward movement of tractor. Steers tractor by turning steering wheel and depressing brake pedals. May lubricate and repair tractor and attachments. May be designated according to type of power utilized as Diesel-Tractor Operator; Gasoline-Tractor Operator; Tractor Operator, Battery. May operate tractor mounted with wide spread pneumatic or metallic treads to transport materials over marshes or swamps and be designated Marsh-Buggy Operator. May operate tractor equipped with laser leveling equipment to level large fields for farming or industrial purposes and be designated Tractor Operator, Laser Leveling.