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Track Surfacing Machine Operator

Operate one or more machines mounted on flat-bed railroad trucks.

What does a Track Surfacing Machine Operator do?

Operates one or more machines mounted on flat-bed railroad trucks to spread, shape, and tamp ballast; raise, level, and align track; and prepare track foundation of crushed stone according to specifications: Moves levers and brake pedal to guide machine into position. Adjusts controls to activate jacks, tampers, and scraper blades. Strings wire guidelines through leveling or aligning fixture. Attaches line to rails or trailer extensions coupled to machine to set up equipment. Turns wheels to adjust guidelines for track alignments and grades, following specifications. Observes indicator arms to verify level and alignment of track. When concerned with jack-tamping machine, may be designated Jack-Tamp Operator. May control track-lining machine and be designated Track-Liner Operator. May operate machines that lay ties and lay rails to construct, repair, or maintain track [TRACK-MOVING-MACHINE OPERATOR].