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Track Repairer

Install and repair railroad track on specified territory of railroad.

What does a Track Repairer do?

Installs and repairs railroad track on specified territory of railroad, using portable grinder, spike puller, spike driver, and tie adz, to grind ends of rails, remove old spikes, drive new spikes, cut ties to fit fishplates, and perform related maintenance, working as member of crew: Operates single- or multiple-head spike puller to pull old spikes from tie. Raises rail, using hydraulic jack, to facilitate removal of old tie and installation of new tie. Operates tie-adzing machine to cut portion of tie so that tie plate can be inserted to hold rail. Drills holes through rails, tie plates, and fishplates for insertion of bolts and spike, using power drill. Operates single- or multiple-head spike driving machine to drive spike into tie and secure rail. Operates track-wrench machine to tighten or loosen bolts at joints that hold ends of rails together. Operates rail saw to cut rails to specified lengths. Operates portable grinder to grind worn ends of rails. Sprays ties, fishplates, and joints with oil to protect them from weather. May paint railroad signs, such as speed limits and gate-crossing warnings. May oversee workers and act as section leader.