Track and Field Coach

Motivate track stars to work hard and excel at their chosen event.

What does a Track and Field Coach do?

The term “track and field” can encompass a staggering number of activities, from running to jumping to throwing. Some Athletes compete in just one activity, while others skip from task to task during the course of a meet. A Track and Field Coach works with these Athletes to help them improve their performance.

If you’re a Track and Field Coach, it’s likely that you focus on one specific activity, and you provide specialized coaching to help students improve in that activity. Taping your students as they perform can help you point out errors. Performing the activity yourself in slow motion may seem silly, but it may help your students truly see the activity in a new way.

Some students visit you for ongoing coaching, and you spend years helping them improve in a particular area. Others use you in the same way they use a Mechanic: You’re asked to fix one small performance problem, and then you’re free to go.

Many track and field activities involve strength and endurance. Your students must be quick like Basketball Players and strong like Sumo Wrestlers. During practice, you ask them to run, stretch, lift weights, and then run some more. Shouting words of encouragement can help them stay on their feet.

Professional Athletes may become nervous and jittery before a performance, as they’ve spent months preparing for this singular moment in their lives. But the Track and Field Coach’s reassuring presence and words of encouragement help them relax. Saving your feedback for the next practice session may also be helpful.