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Tracer Bullet Charging Machine Operator

Operate multiple-station machines to charge sub-igniter in bullet jackets.

What does a Tracer Bullet Charging Machine Operator do?

Operates multiple-station machine to automatically charge and tamp subigniter, igniter, and tracer powder in bullet jackets to form tracer bullets for military rifle ammunition: Starts machine and watches tracks and stations for malfunctioning and jams. Clears jammed dies, funnels, and bullets, using fingers or wire hook. Observes dies at assembly station and inserts jackets by hand in dies missed at hopper tube, seating them with hammer. Turns setscrews and stopnuts, using handtools, to adjust width of track rails, height of scraper regulating amount of powder scooped, stroke of tamping punch, and timing of die-turning fingers. Replaces worn and damaged punches, dies, knock-out pins, and fingers. Weighs powder samples from each charging station on grain scale and adjusts height of scraper or changes size of scoop to regulate load. Measures depth of charge in bullet with dial indicator for firmness of pack. Empties carrier pouches of powder into reservoir bags at charging stations to replenish supply. Cleans machine, using airhose and steam wand, and washes powder dust from floor with water hose.