Tower Operator

Control heated-air towers from control panel.

What does a Tower Operator do?

Controls heated-air tower from control panel to make variety of soap powders by atomizing liquid soap: Starts pumps to regulate flow of oil, steam, air, and perfume to tower or collectors. Observes temperature, pressure, and flowmeter recorders to ensure uniform product. Keeps log of tower operations. Weighs sample, dries it in heated chamber, and reweighs sample to calculate moisture loss and percentage of moisture in powder. Inspects operating units, such as towers, soap-spray storage tanks, scrubbers, collectors, and driers, to ensure all are functioning and to maintain maximum efficiency in powder-producing towers. Gives directions to workers engaged in operating machinery to regulate flow of material and product. May oversee cleaning of towers, strainers, and spray tips. May make such repairs as replacing damaged strainers.