Touring Production Manager

Organize the logistics of a touring concert, play, or dance show.

What does a Touring Production Manager do?

People who watch a play, rock concert, or dance recital may be focused on the entertainers on the stage, and may rate the show a success based solely on the talent of the performers. But the Touring Production Manager has an important role to play. When you’re a Touring Production Manager, the show simply can’t go on without you. That’s because it’s your job as Touring Production Manager to handle all the small but important details that go into putting on a touring show.

Before the tour begins, you draw up contracts for the performers, stating how much they’ll be paid. You make sure each performer has a contract on file with you to prevent problems down the line. During the tour itself, you issue paychecks to each performer according to the contract they signed.

You create a budget for the tour based on projected ticket sales. Working with the art department, you also create glossy advertisements for your show, and place those ads in the local paper. You drum up excitement to make sure tickets are sold. If people don’t buy enough tickets to cover your costs, you cancel the show.

Additionally, you make sure your company has the proper permits to hold the show, and you see to it that those permits are followed to the letter. If you must stop the show at 11 p.m., for example, you turn off the stage lights at 10:45, even if your lead Singer wants to take another spin around the stage.

Along the way, you keep detailed records of how much each show cost to produce, and how much you made at each stop of the tour. You may have conference calls with the home office to provide status updates on this topic.