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Tour Guide

Shepherd visitors around museums or tourist spots.

What does a Tour Guide do?

A Tour Guide leads tourists and locals alike through museums and exhibits of all kinds. But more than just taking a stroll with them, Tour Guides give facts, explain how things work, and tell them about how life was back in the day.

If you’re a Tour Guide, you’re a mix between a Professor, an Actor, and a Customer Service Agent. Like a Professor, you give historical facts, letting the tourists get a feel for the way things were, or know how things got started. You give them factual information, like when the place you’re visiting was founded. Your goal is to have them leave your tour with more knowledge than when they arrived.

Although you want to educate, you don’t want to be boring. So you use your acting prowess to keep the tour fun, incorporating interesting stories, wacky voices, and funny jokes.

Being interesting also makes it easier to keep a tour group together and moving through the exhibit. Tourist spots can be crowded places, and you absolutely don’t want to lose a member of your group. If you can keep all eyes on you, there’s almost no chance of someone wandering off.

Ultimately, this is a customer service job. People pay for tours, and it’s your job to give them a product they’ll be happy with. You do this not just by being knowledgeable and interesting, but also by taking care of any problems that come up. You need to know first aid, and be able to react quickly but calmly when an emergency takes place.