Torts Law Professor

Teach university students about torts law.

What does a Torts Law Professor do?

A woman enters a pet store and is attacked by marauding chinchillas. She’s covered in bites, she misses work, and she develops a lifelong fear of fur coats. She hires a Lawyer to help her fight for compensation for these problems, which she succeeds in getting because the Lawyer knows all about the applicable laws in these sorts of cases. And it’s all thanks to a Torts Law Professor, who taught the Lawyer all about those laws.

A Torts Law Professor’s field deals with the complicated and messy task of assigning blame and proving that someone is responsible for the damages. As a Torts Law Professor, you’re tasked with helping your students learn the fundamentals of torts law, so they can apply those laws properly.

At the start of each term, you choose a textbook for students to read, and you develop lessons and tests that support the readings from the textbook. In your classes, you provide lectures on the readings, and ask the students to participate in discussions. Giving examples helps them understand difficult concepts, so you provide many case studies in your courses. At the end of each term, you give each student a grade.

Participating in your school’s activities is also required, especially since you hold a senior staff position. You attend meetings for your department, choosing books and course topics for lower-level Instructors to use. Sometimes, you interview new teaching staff for your school, and you oversee promotion requests for more advanced staff members.

The law is always changing, and you keep abreast of new developments by reading papers and attending conferences. At times, you give interviews to local media about prominent torts cases, and the legal fundamentals that sit beneath these cases.