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Torsion Spring Coiling Machine Setter

Set up torsion spring coiling machines to fabricate torsion springs.

What does a Torsion Spring Coiling Machine Setter do?

Sets up torsion spring coiling machines, according to blueprints and setup charts, to fabricate torsion springs from round wire: Reviews blueprint to determine setup procedures to follow, machine attachments required, and material specifications for new part, or obtains details from setup chart for repeat orders. Requests delivery of specified stock from stockroom to work area. Selects machine attachments, such as arbors, cams, and feed mechanism, according to blueprint or setup chart, and installs them on machine. Verifies wire diameter, using micrometer caliper, and mounts wire on reel stand and threads end through feed mechanism. Sets arbor cam to control pitch of spring. Makes trial run and measures sample for conformance to specifications, using micrometers and gauges. Adjusts machine to attain specified tolerances and releases machine to SPRING COILER with oral instructions concerning its operation. Grinds machine parts, such as cams and arbor, to maintain dimensions. Recommends blueprint changes to resolve production problems.