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Torch Straightener and Heater

Straighten metal plates, weldments, and structural shapes.

What does a Torch Straightener and Heater do?

Straightens metal plates, weldments, and structural shapes or preheats them preparatory to welding or bending, using torch: Selects torch tip from data charts according to thickness, area, and temperature of metal to heat. Screws tip on torch and connects hoses from torch to tanks of oxygen and fuel gas, such as acetylene. Turns levers to activate flow of gas, lights flame, and adjusts mixture to obtain desired size and color of flame. Holds or guides flame along surface of workpiece to heat and expand metal, to achieve specified straightness, or until color indicates sufficient heating for welding or machine straightening or bending. Measures workpiece with straightedge or template to ensure conformance with specifications. May hammer out bulges and bends. May place workpiece into heating furnace for specified period of time, using jib of crane.