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Top Hat Body Maker

Build top-hat bodies from shellacked muslin.

What does a Top Hat Body Maker do?

Builds top-hat bodies from shellacked muslin, shellacs assembled body, and irons top, crown, and brim: Wraps several layers of shellacked muslin around shaped hat block to form crown of hat. Cuts several layers of muslin to shape of brim, using knife, slides them over crown, and fastens them to crown with tape to form brim. Cuts out top for hat, using scissors or knife, and fastens it to crown with tape. Applies several coats of shellac to hat body, using brush. Cuts brim to specified width when shellac is dry, using rounding jack [ROUNDER, HAND]. Slips felt cover over hat body and presses top, crown, and brim, using iron. May press brim over flange to press and curl brim [FLANGER]. May assemble collapsible opera hat body.