Tool Maintenance Worker

Repair and adjust handtools and power tools.

What does a Tool Maintenance Worker do?

Repairs and adjusts handtools and power tools used in assembling, adjusting, and aligning typewriters: Examines tools for wear and tear. Tests operation of pneumatic tool, such as power socket wrench and power screwdriver, by driving home nuts and screws and by verifying tightness, using handtools, torque wrench, or torque screwdriver. Sharpens and squares ends of screwdrivers, using bench grinder. Brazes or solders loose handles to tools, using gas torch. Repairs or replaces defective jaws of special pliers and wooden tool handles, using mallet and vise. Straightens bent tool shanks in vise or by tapping tool shanks with hammer. Dismantles, cleans, and oils motors for power tools. Discards irreparable tools and requisitions and distributes replacements. May repair worn or defective tool parts, using bench lathes, cut-off machine, drill press, and machinists’ tools.