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Tool Grinder II

Sharpen and smooth cutting edge of tools.

What does a Tool Grinder II do?

Sharpens and smooths cutting edge of tools, such as axes, chisels, drills, picks, and straight cutting blades, using abrasive wheel: Presses button to start abrasive wheel. Positions and holds cutting edge of tool against machine guide and abrasive wheel to sharpen and smooth tool edge. Immerses tool in oil to cool edge. Repositions and holds tool edge against guide and abrasive wheel to further sharpen and smooth edge. May heat tools and immerse them in brine, oil, or water to harden them. May remove burrs from ground edges of tools, using whetstone. May sharpen and reduce diameter of circular cutting blades. May be designated according to kind of tool sharpened as Ax Sharpener; Chisel Grinder; Knife And Spur Grinder; Knife Grinder.