Tool Grinder I

Sharpen fine-edged cutting tools using whetstone and grinding wheels.

What does a Tool Grinder I do?

Sharpens shears, scissors, hair clippers, surgical instruments, cleavers, and other fine-edged cutting tools, using whetstone and grinding and polishing wheels: Holds cutting edge of tool against rotating wheel or clamps tool in holder or carriage to steady it during sharpening process. Sharpens surgical instruments and razors, using fine-grained grinding wheels, and hones them on whetstone. May sharpen handsaws. May brush heated mixture of glue and grit onto worn grinding wheels to rebuild them. May specialize in sharpening barbers’ tools and be designated Barber-Tool Sharpener. May specialize in sharpening shears and scissors and be designated Scissors Grinder. May specialize in sharpening tools and implements in homes and business establishments and be designated Grinder III.