Tool Design Checker

Examine tool drawings prepared by Tool Designers.

What does a Tool Design Checker do?

Examines tool drawings prepared by TOOL DESIGNER 007.061-026 for inaccuracies of detail and evaluates overall tool design for fit, form, and function, utilizing knowledge of engineering principles, tool design methods, and manufacturing processes: Measures drawing dimensions, and compares figures with dimensions on original layout, specifications, or sample part to verify measurements conform to scale. Marks verified or out-of-scale dimensions on drawings. Inspects lines and figures on drawings for clarity. Evaluates overall tool design for functionality, conformance to drawing standards and design specifications, and manufacturing feasibility. Reviews material requirements for standardization and conformance to industry specification manuals. Discusses design, manufacturing, and related issues with engineering, production, or other personnel. Approves or rejects design. May operate computer to examine and evaluate computer-generated tool designs.