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Tongue and Groove Machine Operator

Operate machines that join woodstock of varying widths to form panels.

What does a Tongue and Groove Machine Operator do?

Operates machine that joins woodstock of varying widths to form panels by simultaneously cutting tongue in one piece and groove in other, applying glue, sliding tongue and groove together, and ejecting glued pieces: Adjusts guides, cutters, feed and glue rolls, according to thickness and length of stock, depth of cuts, and dimensions of panel, using handtools. Starts machine and gives directions to feeders who simultaneously feed stock into each end of machine. Inspects joined pieces to detect loose joints and makes machine adjustments to correct operation of machine. Changes worn cutterheads and installs cutterheads, according to type of tongue and groove specified, using handtools. May operate ripsaw to cut panels to specified width. May feed or off bear machine. May select wood pieces of matching grain or color.