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Tone Cabinet Assembler

Assemble pedal boards and keyboard-coupler assemblies.

What does a Tone Cabinet Assembler do?

Assembles pedal board and keyboard-coupler assemblies, and mounts speakers and parts to tone cabinets of electronic organs, following detailed drawings, and using handtools: Cements felt strips to wood frames of chassis. Lays out and drills holes in frame, using ruler, pencil, and hand drill. Mounts metal guide bars in holes and secures them to frame with wood screws. Scribes line for mounting felt to note-mounting channel, using straightedge. Cements felt strips on channel. Fastens pedals to mounting channel, inserts and crimps pedal tension springs on pedal frames, and adjusts tension of springs. Cements felt strips to channel tips. Cuts speaker and speaker adapter portholes in panel of tone cabinet. Installs front and top speakers and solders connecting wires to speakers. Mounts grille cloth over speakers. Cuts hole in rear panel of cabinet for receptacle of connector cable and connects cable wires to speakers. Mounts insulation in speaker enclosures. Assembles keyboard kit and attaches mounts to brackets of keyboard assembly. Cements felt to keynote channels. Clamps keyboard assembly to coupler assembly and attaches assemblies to chassis frame.