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Toll Collector

Collect toll from motorists.

What does a Toll Collector do?

The toll is the money collected at toll booths that allow state, federal, or local governments to repair and maintain highways, bridges, and tunnels. As a toll collector, also called a toll booth attendant, you assess the vehicle to determine the fee to be levied, collect the money, return the balance to the customer, and issue receipts. Sometimes, you help motorists by giving directions. At the end of your shift, you’re expected to balance the cash collected and make a record of the money and tickets you’ve received for the day. Toll collectors note the number of people who visit the booths and help law enforcement by keeping a watch for illegal vehicles. You also file reports against toll evaders or drivers who behave badly.

You need to be physically fit and have good eyesight during the day and night. A toll collector needs a high school diploma, basic counting skills, good communication skills, and patience.