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Tobacco Prevention Health Educator

Coach people on how to avoid or quit smoking.

What does a Tobacco Prevention Health Educator do?

Tobacco has been linked to cancer. Although people are aware of this, they often disregard the risks and use tobacco anyway. The job of the Tobacco Prevention Health Educator is to minimize use, and reduce smoking and chewing rates. They do this by educating citizens about the risks of tobacco use, and connecting them with relevant resources to help them avoid or quit smoking.

As a Tobacco Prevention Health Educator, you might work for a governmental agency, creating policies for tobacco education. That means getting to know your target audience and relating the information to different age groups. For example, while you might present pictures of green-faced kids with a cigarette to a kindergarten class, you would outline more appropriate smoking cessation information for adults wishing to quit the habit.

You collaborate with other community professionals who work to share your message. For example, you might coordinate with Public Health Nurses who help people quit smoking.

Most commonly, though, Tobacco Prevention Health Educators work with Coaches, Teachers, and School Administrators who have direct access to students. The idea is that prevention is the cure, so you direct the majority of your effort towards youth groups.

When you’re not evaluating community needs or planning and implementing new programs, you oversee advertising campaigns, run informational workshops, train other Educators, write grants to fund your program, and deliver presentations outlining what services are available.