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Tobacco Packing Machine Operator

Tend machines that fill packages with tobacco.

What does a Tobacco Packing Machine Operator do?

Tends machines that fill packages with tobacco: Fills wrapper magazine with wrappers or mounts roll of paper on machine spindle and pulls end of paper through rollers to folding mechanism. Turns screw or wheel to set automatic weighing mechanism to feed specified amount of tobacco into each package. Notifies FEEDER-CATCHER, TOBACCO and PACKING-MACHINE CAN FEEDER to start feeding tobacco and tins to machine. Observes filling of packages to ensure each pack is filled with tobacco. Inspects packages for defects, such as torn paper, dents in tins, loose tops on tins, and defective sealing. Weighs packages periodically to verify accuracy of weighing mechanism. May be designated according to tobacco or container packed as Bag-Filler-Machine Operator; Can-Filling-Machine Operator; Pouch-Making-Machine Operator; Smoking-Tobacco-Packing-Machine Hand.