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Tobacco Farmer

Produce tobacco for cigarettes and cigars.

What does a Tobacco Farmer do?

So here are the basics of the job of Tobacco Farmer: As a Farmer, you plant crops to sell for a profit. While your plants are growing, you care for them by fertilizing and watering them, and keeping them free of disease or bugs. When they’re fully grown, you harvest them and take them to market, where you sell them to buyers for the highest amount.

A Tobacco Farmer’s job is pretty similar to any other Farmer’s job, but the difference is in your product. As you probably know, tobacco is the stuff you smoke in cigarettes or cigars; it can also be chewed, snorted, or placed against the gums. No matter the method, the purpose is to feel a small “buzz” coming from the nicotine in the tobacco.

To start, you grow your plants indoors in what are known as hotbeds. These hotbeds let the plants get big enough to survive bad weather or insect attacks before being moved outside. Tobacco gets harvested once a year by hand or machine, depending on how big your farm is. The leaves are actually what you’re after. When the plants are mature enough, you remove the leaves and dry them before selling.

As a Tobacco Farmer, you’re concerned with getting your crops to market. Tobacco is considered a cash crop, which basically means you can make money off of it. There are about 70 different types of tobacco plants, and you can grow any variety or combination of them. You might work on a large farming operation, or on your own small farm. The amount of money and work you invest will vary depending on how big your operation is.