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Title Search Manager

Direct workers searching documents to determine status of property title.

What does a Title Search Manager do?

Directs and coordinates activities of persons involved in searching, examining, and recording documents to determine status of property titles and participates in real estate closing procedures: Interviews, screens, hires, trains, promotes, and terminates title department personnel to ensure adequate and efficient operation. Evaluates performance of employees for compliance with establishment policies and procedures, prepares performance appraisals, and makes recommendations concerning promotions, separations, or shifting of staff to enhance and provide more efficient environment. Conducts in-service training operations to advise employees of changes or additions to company policies and to introduce new methods implemented to ensure more efficient operation. Confers with employees and assists in solving problems affecting job performance and establishment policies and procedures. Directs preparation of work assignments and work schedules to establish priorities and to ensure completion of assignments in timely manner. Confers with other managers and supervisors to establish new policies and procedures. Oversees preparation of timesheets and reviews data sent to payroll department. Confers with supervisors and other office personnel on status of abstract orders and discusses inconsistencies and discrepancies affecting production or quality of final documents. Receives and reviews data collected by abstractors and title reports prepared for clarity, completeness, accuracy, and conformance to established procedures. Confers with legal counsel to discuss defects in title, such as outstanding liens or judgments, or to explain delays in title search. May coordinate closing activities and review closing documents to determine accuracy of information and need for additional documents. May perform difficult and involved title searches. May attend closing meeting to oversee signing of documents and disbursement of documents and monies held in escrow. May give and receive information related to title searching to other persons involved in real estate transaction. May prepare or direct preparation of periodic reports and complete purchase orders for equipment and supplies.