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Title Insurance Examiner

Investigate insurance claims related to real estate.

What does a Title Insurance Examiner do?

Title insurance can protect a homeowner from financial ruin. If the previous owners didn’t pay taxes, used the property in an illegal manner, or otherwise did something unethical that impacts the title of the property, title insurance can cover the costs. Title Insurance Examiners investigate those claims and issue funds when needed.

Title insurance doesn’t protect against everything that can go wrong with a property, so a Title Insurance Examiner’s first step with any claim is to read the policy carefully. As a Title Insurance Examiner, you sometimes visit the property as part of the investigation, and you may also visit the courthouse to see how the title was issued.

If the claim is valid, you notify the homeowner and the processing department so checks can be cut to cover costs. If the claim is not valid, you write this down in a letter to avoid a contentious phone call.

In some offices, you may be asked to issue title insurance policies. To do this, you look over the property and the previous title, searching for problems that could crop up. You then write a legal document describing what the title insurance policy will and will not cover, and how much the policy will cost.

Many people don’t understand what title insurance is and what it’s designed to do. To help, you may talk with prospective owners and share horror stories about other homeowners. You may also write blog and newspaper articles about the issue. By doing this, you spread the word about your company and, hopefully, bring in more business.