Tire Setter

Tend machines that attach rubber tires to wheels of children's vehicles.

What does a Tire Setter do?

Tends machine that attaches rubber tires or semipneumatic tires to wheels of children’s vehicles, such as tricycles or bicycles, using either of following methods: Starts machine and positions rubber tire material against machine fence in line with threading hole. Depresses pedal causing machine to thread wire through tire and cut wire to specified length. Inserts protruding ends of wire in slots and holes of machine forming loop with tire. Positions vehicle wheel inside loop formed by tire and depresses pedal to activate machine and draw wire, twist wheel, trim wire, and secure wire on wheel. Slides wheel onto shaft between rollers of machine with wire twist up and depresses pedal causing rollers to push ends of tire over wire-twist to complete tire. Places tire in jaws of machine and starts machine to stretch tire. Positions wheel inside stretched tire on machine, holds wheel, and depresses pedal to release tire onto wheel rim. May install sprocket, dust cap, and secure sprocket with snap ring on bicycle wheel, using metal cone.