Tire Repairer

Repair defects in cured tires.

What does a Tire Repairer do?

Repairs defects in cured tires as identified by TIRE INSPECTOR, using handtools and rubber patch: Examines and probes tire with awl to determine extent of defect. Buffs blemishes from tire, using portable buffer. Cuts out rubber around cracks and buffs area to prepare it for patching. Cements gum rubber patch into cutout to build up defective area. Rolls down patch with hand stitcher and punctures air pockets in patch to remove trapped air. Buffs and trims excess patch rubber from tire. Replaces treads by cutting defective tread from plies, buffing ply surface, and cementing new tread onto plies. May tend vulcanizing machine to cure patch on tire for specified time. May replace imprinting plates on electronic replating machine to change or clarify markings on tire.