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Tire Mold Engraver

Set up and operate cam-controlled tread-engraving machines.

What does a Tire Mold Engraver do?

Sets up and operates cam-controlled tread-engraving machine to mill tread designs in metal molds for rubber tires, according to specifications: Examines work order or receives verbal instruction to ascertain cams, gearing ratio, and templates to be used. Lifts mold half with hoist and secures it in work-holding fixture on machine. Mounts specified cutting tool in machine spindle. Positions and secures drum cam corresponding to specified tread design number in machine, using wrenches. Rotates mold in fixture to align specified design location on mark with mark and design number on fixture corresponding to mounted cam. Moves controls to position tool in relation to mold and starts machine. Turns handwheel and simultaneously exerts pressure on hand lever to traverse pin against cam and tool against mold to mill tread pattern in mold, adjusting action according to movement and resistance sensed by hands on controls. Mounts systematically varied sequence of cams which produce tread pattern of minimum tire noise. Verifies engraved mold for conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, and dial indicators. May setup and operate engraving machine equipped with template tracing stylus and be designated Tire Mold Engraver, Numerical Control.