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Tip Printer

Set up and operate cylinder or platen presses that print labels.

What does a Tip Printer do?

Sets up and operates cylinder or platen press that prints labels, slogans, trademarks, or trade names onto hat lining material: Inks disk and rollers of press, using brush or sponge. Tightens or loosens inking rollers, using wrench, and regulates flow of ink from reservoir. Arranges type or engraving blocks in chase according to specifications. Turns setscrews on chase to secure type or engraving, using wrench. Slides chase into channel on bed of press and turns setscrews to lock chase in die plate. Positions lining material against adjustable guides and turns handwheel to align material. Starts press or turns handwheel to print sample of cut or type. Examines impressions on material for alignment and clarity. Starts press and feeds and removes lining material by hand or monitors automatic feed to prevent jamming. May operate several presses to print variety of colors or part of total design onto lining material. May operate platen press equipped with heated die block to imprint data, using goldleaf.