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Tin Recovery Worker

Control scruffs and burn-off furnaces to reclaim tin from coating pots.

What does a Tin Recovery Worker do?

Controls scruff and burn-off furnaces and auxiliary equipment to reclaim tin or terne from coating pots, tinplate, and used electrolytic anodes: Washes scruff with hose to remove flux. Starts crushing machine, and shovels scruff into machine to reduce scruff to uniform size. Charges scruff into furnace, and ignites gas burner with torch. Adjusts heat controls to obtain specified temperature for reclaiming metal from scruff. Breaks up lumps in scruff, using rake and hoe. Turns valves to tap furnace and allow reclaimed metal to flow into iron kettle or melting pot. Heats kettle, and skims foreign metal from top, using ladle. Adds specified amounts of tin or lead in producing terne. Pours metal into pig or electrolytic anode molds. Weighs and records amount of recovered metal. Marks weight on pigs, and stores pigs in warehouse.