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Timber Framer

Cut, fit, install, and repair supporting timbers in underground mines.

What does a Timber Framer do?

Cuts, fits, installs, and repairs supporting timbers and other framework in underground mine, using carpentry tools: Measures and cuts timbers for roof supports and framing, such as ladders, chutes, walls, and ventilation doors, using handsaw or power saw, square, and rule. Sets roof timbers and inserts wedges to hold them in place. Erects cribbing to increase support or control ventilation [STOPPING BUILDER]. Mortises joints with saw, chisel, or adz, and bores boltholes with brace and bit or power drill. Installs braces to repair or shore up loose timbering, using hammer and spikes. May set and wedge props in place as temporary support for roof or working face. May cut timbers to size and load them onto cars for haulage to mine. May build wooden forms, and mix and pour concrete supports. May set and bolt together steel roof supports and insert wedges to hold supports in place.