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Tightrope Walker



Balance high above the ground on just a rope to amaze circus crowds.

What does a Tightrope Walker do?

The main job of a Tightrope Walker is to scare the living daylights out of people by walking from place to place on an extremely narrow cord stretched high above the ground. There’s no room for error in this position, as a fall often ends a Tightrope Walker’s career.

You may work for a circus. As a Tightrope Walker, you spend a portion of each workweek in a train or caravan, traveling from place to place. You help set up your tightrope, then you practice your routine for hours and hours.

Right before show time, you dress up in your sparkling, shimmering costume and apply your makeup. You then perform your routine, trying not to sweat in the bright spotlight. You may exaggerate your motions, making your audience think you’re on the verge of falling.

Alternatively, you may work on an independent basis, staging tightrope routines at public places. You may set up a website discussing your conquests and outlining when your next performance will take place. Sending out press releases and hanging up signs can also drum up excitement.

You string your tightrope and perform your routine with extreme care. If you’re not using a safety net for these performances, you take care to stay on the rope, not on the ground. After you finish your routine, you may give interviews to breathless, excited Reporters.

You perform your routines for Christmas parties, birthday parties, street fairs, and public protests. You may be a sort of walking metaphor for stressed out, disgruntled people, but you try not to take it personally.

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