Ticket Printer and Tagger

Tend machines that automatically print identifying information on tickets.

What does a Ticket Printer and Tagger do?

Tends machine that automatically prints identifying information, such as size, style, and lot number, on tickets, and sews, glues, heat seals, or staples tickets to garments or garment parts: Selects and positions specified type in chase attachment and inserts attachment in machine. Turns knobs to set stationary type or numerical counter of machine in starting position. Places roll of tickets on holder and inserts end of roll into feeding device. Places spool of thread or wire on holder and threads it through machine. Places garment or garment part on machine bed and under needle or stapling device. Pushes lever to start machine that automatically feeds tickets under stamping head, prints information on tickets, and cuts and sews, glues, heat seals, or staples ticket to garment or garment part. May tend machine that prints identifying information on tags or tickets [TICKETER]. May be designated according to product labeled as Glove Tagger.