Third Grade Teacher

Give lessons to third-grade students.

What does a Third Grade Teacher do?

A Third Grade Teacher leads a classroom of children, ages eight to 10, in their studies. If you enjoy working with kids and have a love of learning (not to mention holidays and summers off), a career as a Third Grade Teacher may be the perfect one for you.

The responsibilities of a Third Grade Teacher vary from school to school, but they generally include education-related tasks such as giving lectures and demonstrations, and grading student performance. The administrative side of teaching requires keen attention to detail, as you need to keep track of attendance and maintain grading records.

Creativity is extremely useful in the classroom; it helps you keep your students’ attention focused through a variety of subjects. For example, you may find a creative way to demonstrate parts of speech during a grammar lesson. By using examples and unique presentations, you keep your students engaged (or at least more than simply reading the textbook), which is critical to academic success.

Great communication skills are obviously necessary in this position. In front of the classroom as well as in meetings with fellow Educators and parents, you must be able to convey your message clearly. The ability to sit, stand, walk, climb, bend, and lift at least 30 pounds throughout the school day is also important, as are quick thinking and patience, since a roomful of eight- to 10-year-olds may be more than a handful at times. But the look understanding on your students’ faces when your lessons are delivered well is worth every moment of frustration.