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Third Assistant Director



Keep the cast and crew working together on a movie set.

What does a Third Assistant Director do?

The Third Assistant Director on a film works directly under the Second Assistant Director. The primary role of the Third Assistant Director is to move Actor from point A to point B, organize Extras, and supervise the Production Assistants. He or she also has the special duty of set Messenger, relaying information – usually by radio – between cast and crew members.

Your exact role on set may vary from film to film as the positions of Second and Third Assistant Directors may overlap. But it will probably include things like keeping the public out of the Film Director ‘s shots, so they don’t interrupt the costly filming schedule, locking up a studio, or securing a location after filming has taken place. You sometimes may even get the chance to do a little directing – cuing Extras and Drivers of on-set vehicles, and generally coordinating the background action.

There will be occasions that you’ll be required to stay on set for long periods of time when you’re only needed for one short scene, but alas, that’s the life of a Third Assistant. One great thing about this job is that by this time you’ve gotten your foot in the door and it’s just up to you to work hard on moving up.

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