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Thermostat Repairer

Repair defective thermostats.

What does a Thermostat Repairer do?

Repairs defective thermostats used in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heating equipment, following blueprints and other specifications: Disassembles and examines thermostats to locate and remove defective parts, using handtools. Replaces defective parts, such as bellows, range spring, and toggle switch, and reassembles thermostat according to blueprint specifications, using cam press and handtools. Measures tolerances of assembled parts, using micrometer and calipers. Repairs leaks in valve seats or bellows of automotive heater thermostats, using soft solder, flux, and acetylene torch. Examines thermostat for defects, such as loose screws and dents. Writes repair ticket to identify thermostat and places repaired thermostats in tote boxes. Calibrates thermostat for specified temperature or pressure settings [CALIBRATOR 710.381-034].