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Thermometer Production Worker

Perform tasks to fabricate and test clinical mercury thermometers.

What does a Thermometer Production Worker do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to fabricate and test clinical mercury thermometers: Reads work order to determine sequence of tasks and specifications. Tends machines that heat glass capillary tubes to form blister, constrict and adjust blister, fuse bulb to tube, form top chamber, seal end of tube, and fuse tops to form thermometer. Tends vacuum equipment that fills thermometer bores with mercury. Tends centrifuges, shakers, chill tanks, warming tanks, or related machines and equipment that disperse mercury in bore and remove excess mercury or air. Tends automated machines that grade and mark calibration reference points on thermometers. Tends equipment that prints scale on thermometer [SILK-SCREEN PRINTER, MACHINE 979.685-010]. Tends heat tank that heats thermometer to standard temperature, and reads thermometer scale to test accuracy. Inspects thermometers to detect defects, such as cracks, cloudiness, and screen printing errors. Records production information, such as number of thermometers processed, number rejected, and reason for rejection.