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Thermal Surfacing Machine Operator

Tend machines that apply heat to surface of granite slab.

What does a Thermal Surfacing Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that applies heat to surface of granite slab, causing surface of granite to flake and chip to impart pebbled texture to face of stone: Positions torch carriage over granite slab on roller-conveyor bed of machine. Turns thumbscrews to adjust trip switches on bridge of machine to set reciprocation limits of torch carriage. Turns knob to start flow of gas to torch and ignites gas. Turns knob to start flow of oxygen to torch and adjust gas-and-oxygen mixture to obtain specified flame. Turns knob to start spray of water to cool stone ahead of and behind flame. Presses button to start torch reciprocating over stone. Observes machine in operation to determine that texture of stone surface is pebbled uniformly. Observes gauges and lights on panel to detect faulty supply of gas, oxygen, water, or compressed air and turns knobs or presses buttons to make adjustments.