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Theology Professor

Teach university students about theology.

What does a Theology Professor do?

Embracing the questions and uncertainties of the subject, Theology Professors aim to study and teach religion and its influences in an organized manner. Generally, theology refers to the study of Christianity, but any religion centered around a god or gods can have a branch of theology. As a Theology Professor, you dig deep into your research with the diligence of a Journalist, to answer who, how, and why.

Often, Theology Professors have a specific focus within the field. For example, you may specialize in the Bible, in historical texts relating to it, in the issue of faith, or even in the issue of salvation. Theology incorporates faith into its discussions, but is not built on it. Instead, you aim to scrutinize and teach a particular religion from a scholarly perspective.

During your time in the classroom, you lecture students on your subject of expertise, and encourage thought-provoking discussions. Like any philosophical field, theology is driven by creative thinking. In between class sessions, you grade essays and exams, plan out homework assignments, and scout out new material for your next class.

On days when you’re not teaching, you spend time doing your own creative thinking. You write papers and publish them in journals within your area of study. The field grows and advances through these contributions, both yours and your fellow Theologians ‘. You’re a modern-day philosopher, turning complex questions into clear answers.