Serve as an expert on religious studies.

What does a Theologian do?

History is full of Theologians, who are thinkers devoted to the rational study of religion. There was Saint Thomas Aquinas, for instance, who used logic to argue God’s existence; Erasmus, a scholar who satirized the clergy; and Martin Luther, who famously disputed the claim that people could buy their way into heaven. All of those men have at least two things in common: God and their work as Theologians.

If you’re a Theologian like them, you might be employed by churches, synagogues, and mosques, perhaps as a Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, or Minister. Or, you might be employed by universities, especially religious schools called seminaries, where you educate future members of the clergy. In any case, you’re a Professor of God who’s paid to read, research, write about, and teach the content of religious texts.

As a Theologian, you might be an atheist or agnostic, or you might be a believer. Because theology is more scholarly than spiritual, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is your enthusiasm for asking and answering profound religious questions, which might focus on Christianity or any number of world religions, from Judaism to Islam to Buddhism.

Those questions might be about the history of faith, the culture of the church, the content of scripture, or the expression of religious themes in music, art, and architecture. Always, however, their goal – and yours – is elevating man’s spirit by exercising man’s mind.