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Theme Park Supervisor

Manage the workers who make the fun happen at a theme park.

What does a Theme Park Supervisor do?

A theme park can transport guests to an entirely new reality where the streets are populated by cartoon characters, the sun shines all day long, and the food is made of spun sugar. Creating this reality and sustaining it on a daily basis take an incredible amount of work performed by a large number of people. A Theme Park Supervisor manages those workers and keeps the park running smoothly.

As a Theme Park Supervisor, you’ll likely fall into one of two groups. Some Theme Park Supervisors manage just a small section of the park. Others manage the entire park. The task lists are much the same, but the amount of problems you’re responsible for fixing is smaller if you oversee only a small section of the park.

Managing people takes up a significant amount of your time. You hire new employees, terminate underperforming employees, and coach middling employees to help them keep their jobs. In addition, you develop and maintain schedules, ensuring that you have enough workers to run the park on a daily basis.

Advanced Theme Park Supervisors tackle larger tasks, such as researching new rides that could be added to the theme park or developing new products the park could sell to little guests. Once you’ve developed an idea and determined how much it will cost, you present it to the Theme Park General Manager for approval.

Theme park guests can become overexcited during their stay, and they may faint, scream, run about, or otherwise cause problems. When this happens, you’re called in to calm the guest and restore order.