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Theme Park General Manager

Keep your theme park both fun and profitable.

What does a Theme Park General Manager do?

If a theme park were a city, the Theme Park General Manager would be the Mayor. This high-level executive develops a vision for the city, and then works to communicate that vision to the wider world. Ultimately, a Theme Park General Manager’s work entices tiny people to come to the city and spend their allowance money with wild abandon.

As a Theme Park General Manager, you’re the person the Theme Park Managers – who handle the day-to-day details that make the park run smoothly – come to see if major problems occur. Broken equipment, hysterical guests, or missing money might all fall into this category. If Theme Park Managers seem to have the same problems over and over, you replace them with more competent employees.

To keep your theme park interesting, you add new rides or exhibits from time to time, and write articles describing how wonderful these new attractions are. Reporters call to ask you about the theme park, and you provide juicy sound bites.

Developing a budget for your theme park helps you ensure that you’re taking in more money than you’re spending. Often, you make projections about how much money the park will make in the coming year, and you write reports for the park’s board of Directors explaining those numbers.

Each day, you walk through the park to observe the guests and workers firsthand. You may ride the rides to make sure they’re working properly, and after you’ve grown hoarse from screaming, you may sample the food to make sure it’s truly refreshing.