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Theatrical Agent

Connect Theater Actors with roles.

What does a Theatrical Agent do?

The job of a Theatrical Agent is to help find and sell talent to Theater Directors looking for new acting stars. Theatrical Agents scout out new talent by going to small productions and looking for Actors with the skills to make them the next big star. Once you find someone you think has a future, you – the Theatrical Agent – start looking for opportunities where they will fit.

This means keeping an ear out for new plays or auditions, making and keeping connections with different Directors and Producers, and looking for ways your Actor can improve on their skills. For example you might have your Actor sign up for tap dancing class or learn how to properly do an English accent; any skills that will make them a most attractive candidate for a part.

Having good connections with industry players is necessary in this field, so if you don’t like schmoozing, this job isn’t for you. Getting parts is difficult and there is a lot of competition for each role, so the people you know might mean the difference between your Actor’s resume actually getting looked at or passed over without a second glance.

There’s a pretty good incentive to make sure the Actors you represent are in the best position to get parts: Agents are paid a percentage of an Actor’s salary, so unemployed Actors mean a meager paycheck for you.