Textile Screen Maker

Prepare stencils used in screen printing of textile materials.

What does a Textile Screen Maker do?

Prepares stencils used in screen printing of textile materials: Assembles prefabricated parts to construct silk screen frame, using handtools and wing nuts. Clamps frame and silk screen material in stretching machine and activates machine that stretches screen material over frame. Glues screen to frame and cuts excess material from around frame, using glue applicator and scissors. Coats screen with photosensitive emulsion, using brush. Positions negative on glass bed of photoprint machine and centers screen over negative. Activates photoprint machine that exposes screen and negative to high intensity light to develop pattern on screen. Washes unexposed emulsion from screen, using water and hose. Applies resist coating to screen to protect pattern, using brush, and removes resist coating from open areas of pattern, using suction machine.