Textile Machine Operator

Set up and repair textile machines to ensure the products are top quality.

What does a Textile Machine Operator do?

A Textile Machine Operator weaves, cuts, and makes the threads of everyday life. Defined as cloth, threads, or other soft materials woven together to create fabric, textiles are used in nearly every aspect of life. From the clothes we wear to the sheets we sleep on to the car seats we sit on as we drive, textiles surround us nearly every moment of every day.

Working as a Textile Machine Operator entails setting up the machine, monitoring it as it works, and making repairs on it when it breaks. The Textile Machine Operator inspects the machine to ensure that it’s functioning properly, while also checking and evaluating the finished product for flaws or imperfections.

For example, if you weave together different colors of yarn to create blankets, you must inspect the blanket for errors in fabrication. When you discover two colors that don’t match up as the pattern indicates, it’s your responsibility to determine why this happened. In most cases, it’s also your duty to make repairs or adjustments to get the pattern back on track.

Excellent written and oral communication skills are necessary to ensure that all instructions (those received from Supervisors and fellow workers, and those that are written) are followed accurately. Attention to detail is essential too, as you follow patterns for precision cutting which takes time and concentration.

The (mostly) predictable schedule of shifts and the comfortable work environment (you’re inside and not exposed to the elements), combined with the reward of seeing the products you craft being used by your family and friends, make this position desirable.