Tests Superintendent

Direct and coordinate activities of workers conducting tests on materials.

What does a Tests Superintendent do?

Directs and coordinates activities of workers conducting chemical, physical, mechanical, and electrical tests on materials, apparatus, and equipment used in electric power utility: Develops and prepares standard testing procedures manuals for conducting tests and fault analysis research in system. Plans testing activities and prepares schedules for conducting tests, considering such factors as priorities, budget limitations, available human resources, testing facilities, and equipment, in order to obtain optimum utilization of human resources and equipment. Analyzes test results and reports on newly developed apparatus and equipment, malfunctioning and repaired apparatus and equipment, system disturbances, and materials. Consults with other engineering personnel, manufacturers’ representatives, and personnel of other utilities to keep abreast of newly developed apparatus and equipment, testing policies and procedures, and modifications of existing equipment. Directs design and testing of new equipment or modification of existing testing equipment. Recommends awarding of contracts for purchase of new equipment, apparatus and materials, basing recommendations on results of tests. May be designated according to testing operations directed as Electrical-Tests Supervisor; Superintendent, Materials-And-Apparatus Tests; Superintendent, Meter Tests; Superintendent, Research-And-Fault-Analysis Tests; Superintendent, Station-And-Protection-System Tests.