Testing Coordinator

Organize the when, where, and who of standardized tests.

What does a Testing Coordinator do?

Every standardized test-be it GRE, SAT, or 8th grade proficiency exam-requires the skills of a Testing Coordinator. If you’re a Testing Coordinator, it’s your duty to make sure the test goes off without a problem, and every student takes the test and does so honestly.

The job of a Testing Coordinator starts way before the test does. The first thing you do is organize the whole thing. You find a date that works, a place big enough to hold all the attendees, and people who can supervise the test. You organize sign-ups so you can get the final number of test-takers, and then request the correct number of tests.

If it’s a test that’s required (like a proficiency exam), you make sure students don’t end up on multiple lists and have to take the test more than once. You also make plans for kids with special needs to ensure they have the necessary room or extra supplies to test along with everyone else.

You hire Proctors (the people who give the test), and make sure they know what to do in case of an emergency. You verify that you have enough tests for the number of students coming, and make sure students know where they need to be on the day of the test. When the test ends, you collect all the materials, check that you don’t have duplicate answer sheets, and then securely send the answers off to be graded.