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Testing and Regulating Chief

Direct activities concerned with testing telegraphic channel.

What does a Testing and Regulating Chief do?

Directs and coordinates, through shift supervisory personnel, activities concerned with testing, regulating, and maintaining telegraphic channels and circuits and associated terminal apparatus to ensure continuity of wire services: Reviews logs and reports and confers with shift supervisory personnel to ascertain data required for planning, testing, and regulating activities. Prepares work schedules assigning workers to shift supervisory personnel, considering workers’ expertise in diagnosing and isolating circuit and apparatus malfunctions and knowledge and experience in adjusting and maintaining telegraphic circuits, channels, and apparatus, such as teleprinters, repeaters, and carriers. Authorizes requisitions for replacement parts, materials, and supplies. Prepares reports and records on testing and regulating activities, circuit and apparatus malfunctions, and resulting adjustment and maintenance functions.