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Test Proctor

Schedule and administer tests for distance learning students.

What does a Test Proctor do?

Thanks to advances in distance learning, college students can take classes from their home computers without ever setting foot in a classroom. Though online learning offers the advantages of a flexible schedule and a learn-at-your-own pace environment, one major difficulty lies in taking college exams. The role of a Test Proctor is to receive and administer exams to students enrolled in distance learning programs.

The process starts when a student schedules an exam. As a Test Proctor, you contact the Instructor for information on the rules of the test, such as whether or not calculators are permitted, and receive either a paper exam or the password to the online examination.

Once the student arrives, you check their ID and write down their information to show when and where they took the test. After making sure they’ve put away their items, especially pesky ringing cell phones, you start the exam.

While the exam is in progress, your role shifts to that of a Babysitter. You watch over the students currently testing to ensure that no one’s talking or cheating. It pays to be friendly but firm. After all, you don’t want a student failing a class for talking during an exam.

When the exam is over, you write down the student’s check-out time, and mail or email the paperwork back to the Instructor. Thankfully, the Test Proctor is not in charge of grading the exams. When the day’s finished you can sit back and relax without worrying about a pile of paperwork in front of you.