Test Prep Tutor

Prepare students for standardized tests.

What does a Test Prep Tutor do?

Competition is stiff for the top jobs and even acceptance into college programs. Tests that used to be viewed as optional are now standardized and commonly used as filtering tools to identify the top students. That puts a lot of pressure on students whose goals include a college education and a professional career. So students turn to Test Prep Tutors to give them a leg up against the competition.

As a Test Prep Tutor, you’re a Tutor who specializes in exams like the LSAT, GMAT, ACT, and SAT. Your students are typically high school students preparing to graduate, but you might also work with adults planning to take college entrance exams. Whatever the test and whoever the student, the first step is to evaluate the student’s level. You do that through conversing, testing, and other forms of evaluation.

Once you understand the student’s goals, conflicts, and challenges, you come up with a Teacher ‘s plan to help him succeed. That might mean focusing on one subject or reviewing multiple topics in the hope of building confidence and improving test scores.

Speaking of confidence, many students experience serious anxiety about scoring well on these exams. So, part of your job as a Test Prep Tutor is to identify and mitigate those concerns. As they say, knowledge is power. And since you know what to expect from the tests, you’re the perfect person to provide the practice and information to put the student’s mind at ease.