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Test Fixture Designer

Plot and draw schematics for test fixture heads.

What does a Test Fixture Designer do?

Plots and draws schematics for test fixture heads used in testing printed circuit boards for electrical shorts and breaks, utilizing knowledge of printed circuit design, electronics, and customer specifications: Reviews blueprint to determine customer requirements and beginning and end points of PCB conductor paths. Confers with engineer to resolve questions concerning design of test fixture heads. Refers to blueprint and method sheets and chooses electrical points to be tested, making sure to include critical points along conductor path. Plots electrical points to be tested on layout sheet, using pencil. Chooses drill size to be used in drilling test head, according to test design and engineering specifications. Forwards layout of test points with requested drill size to numerical-control drilling department to be used as guide to drill test head. Reviews blueprints to determine logical and most efficient method to wire test head to frame of test fixture. Draws schematics for TEST FIXTURE ASSEMBLER 726.684-098 to follow in wiring test head to test fixture frame. May review schematics with assembler to answer questions regarding correct wiring procedures. May monitor building of test fixture by assembler. May record data regarding completed job.